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A Paperback edition by George Beahm in English (June, 05 2015)

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Format : Paperback

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Google is arguably the most influential company in the world today. Just fifteen years old, it touches the lives of millions globally through the 13 billion searches on its site every month. With its finger on the pulse of the Internet, it understands its consumers more intimately than any company could hope for. The brainchild of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google is now engaged in frontline research to push the limits of how we live - whether it is the Google Glass, driverless cars or extending human life. There could be no greater lesson in building up from scratch a model company that people aspire to work for, a giant with the third-highest market value: $382 billion as of May 2014. How does a company get to be the world's go-to people? Who better to speak of it than Brin and Page? Businesspeople at all levels will find their visionary thoughts on work principles, company culture, leadership and life lessons useful. Their ideas will open up unexplored avenues for further innovation. And as the introduction says, if you want more information, you can always Google it!

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