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A Hardcover edition by Edgar Allan Poe in English (January, 01 2019)

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Format : Hardcover

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Three macabre and confounding mysteries for the first and greatest of detectives, August Dupin an apartment on the Rue morgue turned into a charnel house; the corpse of a shopgirl dragged from the Seine; a high-stakes game of political blackmail-three mysteries that have enthralled the whole of Paris, and baffled the city's police. The brilliant chevalier August Dupin investigates - can he find the solution where so many others before him have failed? These three stories from the pen of Edgar Allan Poe are some of the most influential ever written, widely praised and credited with inventing the detective genre. This edition contains: 'the murders in the Rue morgue', 'the mystery of Marie rogêt' And 'the purr-loined letter'.

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