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A Paperback edition by Rajat Acharyya in English (May, 09 2013)

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Format : Paperback

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The last twenty years has seen the world transform into a global village, with trade restrictions being lifted all over. This phenomenon has led to an increased flow of income and better production at all levels. But this rapid development in world trade and growth in production are harming the environmental resources. Pollution is on an all - time high and is causing disagreements between the developed and the developing nations.

Trade and Environment (Oxford India Short Introductions Series) brings to fore the controversial connection between trade and environment. The book disseminates insightful information about this disturbing issue, which has become a grave concern all over the world. Trade and Environment employs particular case studies, which are mostly Indian in origin. It analyses the effect of trade liberalisation on the level of pollution. The book also talks how environmental policies determine trade and foreign investment.

Trade and Environment (Oxford India Short Introductions Series) was published by Oxford University Press in the year 2013. This is the first edition of the book. It is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • This book is perceptive and is a valuable handbook for researchers, economists, educators, students, environmentalists and policy makers.
  • The book will be of interest to general readers too.
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